Monday, December 29, 2008

I crackle within each letter I type into this intergalactic force I called the Internet. Who is there to listen? Never will I know but I still type fiercely to make a point: I want to be left alone and not bothered by this ignorant, abrupt, foolish, and abusive society. Let me live in peace.

Perhaps is not well understood why I want to be left alone, but ill tell you know this. The same way psychedelic bands had a reason, i have the same. Study the culture and roots of freedom. I do it to enjoy and to be left to meditate. The number one important concern is that i life with no harm, no danger, and do good in all aspects of society.

Let me just say this,no man shall judge if their knife is bloody too. It's insulting and invasion of my property.

Fuck off you asshole, educate yourself.

-One Love, Ganj.

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