Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your Girls Favorite Color....

Now I was searching for info of one of my favorite emcees, Blu, when i found another Blu. This other Blu is a painter. Now i must say blue is my favorite color because of two talented blu(s).

Here is the painter Blu.
Here is the emcee Blu.

Be sure to click on the links. And to serve you right (like i do every time) here's a dope video, by the emcee. You already know his name...

Extra, Extra, Extra!

The painter.

Friday, July 25, 2008

What A Charming Smile....

Alotta of you muthafuckas don't keep yourselves involve around politics or just world news overall. So me as your daily blogger (for the 3 people who read this) i am here to help you conquer this lack of awareness. Barack Obamas most recent speech in Berlin. It's so amazing that this human being running for president is talking about world unity with these people.

Besides that fact, not only does he have a charming smile but the way he speaks is so powerful that it makes you believe in his words and his so called recited change. All i hope is that it's true and not an image like all politicians involve in poliTRICKS. So here i present to you Barack Obamas speech in Berlin.


I'm voting republican....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Got A Gem In My Eye.

I've know this guy for a good time and it's a shame that i haven't listened to his genius in a while. Well tonight was a good night that resulted into poetic breakouts that i fixed with Gemineye. Here are my top 3 poems from him.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For the Culture and Fashion I Love.

Just for Kicks.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heath Ledger aint no joke!

This mans performance has touched me and i can not possibly explain with words my admiration for his role. "The Dark Knight" is the best movie of 2008 and it is worthless to give a review with so many emotions to write. The best thing i can say is just to go watch it. Oh, and please give some honor to the outstanding Joker. Big ups to Heath!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Friday, July 11, 2008

Damn Tupac Said It In Better Days.

Isin't this some shit? Im pouring bottles on his dead day and for all I know he's hanging with buck teeth 50. Waste of my money, i could of drank that. But you never know maybe he's up to making the worlds greatest rap group.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Don't Aim For You, I Aim For The Bullet.

Now I got introduced to this man like most people have. Two words of pure honesty and realness: KanYe West. Now this blog is not about him but about Malik Yusef. I been following dude since i heard him on the song "Wouldn't You Like To Ride." I did some digging on Malik's catalog and it's oh so pure. I haven't felt poetry like this since...honestly, never have I.

I keep my ear out for spoken word artist or just poets in particular. One of the top dudes that I've ever heard would be Shihan (check him out.) But this Malik Yusef deserves his own lane. It's important to understand that Malik's comparison to everyday life are genius. Like on every post I have my back bone to support my opinion, in this specific case, here's a poem by Malik.

I actually came late on reporting it but it's better having late posts than bullshit posts. Now with respect I must ask you to stop what your doing and listen to this masterpiece and realize what he's talking about. I hope you understand.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Am A Hip-Hop Head.

I love backpack hipster hip-hop but I sometimes i get fed up. I know Hip-Hop, I breath Hip-Hop, I eat Hip-Hop, I make Hip-Hop, and I am Hip-Hop. But at certain times im feed up with these other Hip-Hoppers when they see Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I., or Killer Mike on my music libary and claim I ain't Hip-Hop. Let me tell you the south is Hip-Hop and we shouldn't catagorize or blame the south for the way Hip-Hop is. (Fuck Soulja Boy)

Do any of ya'll remember the birth of Hip-Hop? I sure don't because my parents hadn't meet but I know Hip-Hop was born out of celebration in order to surpass oppression by the supremecy. We can all agree that in a celebration there is music and that music must be party music. Because i certainly do not want to dance to Jay Electronica and do the perculator. But anyway, the point is what's the difference with songs like Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" to songs like Lil' Waynes "Lollipop"? There is none. That's just party music. Because certainly know that Humpty Dumpty isn't on some revolutionary lets get free lyrics, just like "Lollipop."

Party music is only a appropiate for parties and thats when i only listen to it. Being a Dj i have to have party music in order to shake down the party but please believe that i put some real Hip-Hop to shake the party down. (ATCQ's "Find A Way") But you have to understand I know Hip-Hop and I play Hip-Hop. So let's not be mad at people like Lil' Wayne or KanYe West.

Quality not......

You already know what the next word is gonna be. I'm back party people even though I wasn't really never gone. Stress took over my mind and didn't allow me to blog or have any creative or artistic ideas in order to inspire my life. I came up with a conclusion. You control your life no one else.

It's a shame how so possessive humans have become, each day we want but don't need. I'm not here to preach but please don't get it wrong, I will speak knowledge like droppings books. And on my first post i will post the first and most important line relating to life.

Life's a teacher, she's gonna test you.

Always expect the unexpected and when the unexpected comes along be sure to do the expected. As this being my first post i will inform you with a list about the topics that will be talked about here.


Now that you have understood the purpose of this stress reliver blog, i hope that you enjoy it.