Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Viktor Vaughn Has The Freshest Doom

MC's fall back
Cause Vik in your ear with the whole ball of wax
Call or fax for the freshest rhyme delivery
Or takeout, for the fake-you-out ballers in the industry
Boss with the Lee jeans, bad man, you know B
They say he's a cross between Adnan Khashoggi
and Sho Kosugi, he said your chain is sure dookie
The piece is like a mystery entity, ill spooky
What's its worth? A gun or a knife slice
Catch a bus once or twice or run for your life price
An arm and a leg, the led is ghetto red hot
Calm 'til we fled the spot or leg arm head shot

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Power Of My Boredom

Dear Santa,

Hi! How in the hell are you? I bet you're drinking coffee in your red pajamas while laying on your green bed with white Christmas covers. How was that for a thesis statement? No much, i know, good enough to pass. So, this is totally not what this letter is about, but i do have to state that the Juno Soundtrack is the shit! I'm about a year late but it's okay, at least i got to hear it. Once again let's get back into topic, if we can really. Anyway, seriously, i have this little hobby and future "job" called photography, i love it so much, like i like my mother, but there's one problem. Just one little problem you can help me out with. I need a camera! Yes! Well actually I have one but it sucks, it really does. Now can you please tell me how am i suppose to take picture with a 100 dollar digital camera. I need more like a Sony Alpha A350. Doesn't that sound better? Does it count to add that I've been trying my best in Algebra 2? I hope it does. So with all honesty, i know you don't exist, but please Santa get me a fucking camera this Christmas so my pictures will stop looking like these:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin Is A Level 5 Moron

These videos are endless. No one with a bit of intelligence can explain the absurd stupidity of Sarah Palin. How can a buffoon be the back up of a 72 year old cancer survivor?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Repeat, Slim Shady Your On!

Marshall Mather's is the one to blame for making me so interested in the whole "intricate" rap style when i was a youngster. You know the whole Big Daddy Kane swagger. Execpt he took it to a new modern level, when atleast he was dropping shit. Besides that, to inform you the boy is back. No not me, him. Yeah Slim himself is back. Better than ever ready for his Relapse.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


A change is necessary both in the office and music. I support Obama and Mr. West. Now imagine that, Obama and West for 08. Killer. I present to you the new Kanye West song from 808's and Heartbreak. I luhhhh it! I really do! Sorta like Kel loving orange soda.

Kanye West-Heartless

Monday, October 13, 2008

Let the Corruption Begin

Please, please, please, mark my words. If John NoChange wins the up coming election it will be due to the theft of votes. Same thing that Bush did in 04 will happen again. These republicans will take drastic measures to win and keep the working class under their power. So listen here my friends, go out and vote for the change Barack Obama is for.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Life is a beautiful struggle.

This is one of the few times that i will post my feelings away. More than likely is because my insecurities. Maintaining my patience and intelligence is getting difficult. Its becoming troublesome deciding what to do. Fuck batteling, maneging life is challenging.

Is it cheesy to say: girls, you can't live with them but you can't live without them or however that saying goes. Alternating two life's is to difficult, I'm already a master of deception and I don't want to emerge myself deeper into that filthy water.

May I add that this is more than likely only making sense to me. But I do need to write this, it's like a medicine to me. Or maybe it's worthless...I just had a breaking moment. Maybe I really shouldn't be stressing and complaining.

Kids are starving and are in middle of wars caused by people who practice gluttony and are the ones causing wars. I really shouldn't take anything for granted and should cherish the little things that I own that probably mean the world to some one else.

I appreciate you life, and I also love you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Live Show At Its Finest

Just about 24 hours ago my good self was jumping to the sounds of Estelle, the Roots Crew, and Gym Class Heroes. The show was extraordinary and one of the best I've ever attended. Perhaps this would be my longest blog but yet the best, details are necessary.

Driven with the love I have for both of these bands I ended up showing up six hours early to eat at the HOB restaurant and get the pass the line especial. An hour into waiting it started to rain, I ended up under a pavilion next to the gates where the tour bus was. After standing for about 30 minutes I saw Dishashi walk out and I proceeded to say wussup to him. The rain started falling down harder.

After saluting Disashi I saw the Eric and Matt run fast into a car, so I couldn't say shit to them but what's cool is that Travis was the only one walking so I said wussup and he came by and gave me a handshake which was cool.

DeJesus! Cool ass dude, he came out and walked and we ended up talking for a good 10 minutes. Which he informed me that GCH went to a meet & greet. He's the hype man of the crew.

The wait was a bitch but it was all good after I got in and ended in the first row at the middle of the stage, the best seat in the house, to me at least. Funny thing is not a seat but rather spot because you actually have to stand. The opening act was Estelle, to keep it short, she was okay, the sound was a bit bad but her live personality made up for it. And the fact she pointed at me a couple of times and told me two step.

When the Roots came out I was fixing to get down and I did. Their set was full of soul and just an ill sound vibe. Black Thought ripped shit up like always and Questlove held his own two. But the dope things is that each of the members had a solo to demonstrate their talent and they did it well. Especially the dude with a the Tuba, just imagine that, dope.

Overall the set was profound and what I liked was that it capture the whole band and their talents not just the lead vocalist and how good he is. When they were done Questlove stood up put the his drumsticks in the air and threw them, I ended up catching one of them.

To wrap up the show was Gym Class Heroes, they fucking shook the place down. The whole band was live and hyped that made the whole place jump. Travis couldn't stay still for one minute which made it great and not boring. Also their interludes to their songs were dope. At the end I ended up grabbing the Set List from DeJesus and nothing else but another handshake from Travis.

The show was amazing and I recommend anyone to get their tickets and feel sorry for the ones who missed it. Estelle, the Legendary Roots Crew, and Gym Class Heroes. Astonishing.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Already Know I Keep It Hip-Hop

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Big Proof!

Isn't dope when your nickname is Proof and you have proof to proof that your ill, and that's why they call you Proof. Deshaun Holton was born two days ago on the second of October. Originally I did not plan on doing a tribute on the blog since I always pay my dues privately. But I decided to write a short note reciting the love and admiration that I have for Proof when I heard a dedication Royce Da 5'9 did.
Till this day I sit and remember when I first woke up to find out that Proof died, in shock I didn't believe. After hitting up a few sources this nightmare was true and it hit me in my heart. As a hip-hop head I shared the passion that Proof had for hip-hop and admire the Detroit scene he helped ran.
Searching the net I founded a new track from Royce Da 5'9 dedicated to Proof on his born day. After hearing it, it got me soft and mushy but it made me realize to celebrate your love ones born day instead of reminiscing in their dead day.
No matter what "I'm Searching For Deshaun Holton" and I still miss and love Proof.
Royce Da 5'9- Live Your Life

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Act Like You Know!

Fuck what you heard, S.I.A. is doing it strong. You make conclusions on what those dudes of Suriving In America do. The month of October has started and it's feels likes it's going to a good one. In a away, the 7th is perhaps the greatest day of the year but the worst.
The love of my life leaves back to my born country of Colombia and as she is on the plane I will be busting lyrical backflips at the Roots and Gym Class Heroes concert. It's all love both ways. I'm going to make the best out if.