Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Don't Aim For You, I Aim For The Bullet.

Now I got introduced to this man like most people have. Two words of pure honesty and realness: KanYe West. Now this blog is not about him but about Malik Yusef. I been following dude since i heard him on the song "Wouldn't You Like To Ride." I did some digging on Malik's catalog and it's oh so pure. I haven't felt poetry like this since...honestly, never have I.

I keep my ear out for spoken word artist or just poets in particular. One of the top dudes that I've ever heard would be Shihan (check him out.) But this Malik Yusef deserves his own lane. It's important to understand that Malik's comparison to everyday life are genius. Like on every post I have my back bone to support my opinion, in this specific case, here's a poem by Malik.

I actually came late on reporting it but it's better having late posts than bullshit posts. Now with respect I must ask you to stop what your doing and listen to this masterpiece and realize what he's talking about. I hope you understand.

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