Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Am A Hip-Hop Head.

I love backpack hipster hip-hop but I sometimes i get fed up. I know Hip-Hop, I breath Hip-Hop, I eat Hip-Hop, I make Hip-Hop, and I am Hip-Hop. But at certain times im feed up with these other Hip-Hoppers when they see Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I., or Killer Mike on my music libary and claim I ain't Hip-Hop. Let me tell you the south is Hip-Hop and we shouldn't catagorize or blame the south for the way Hip-Hop is. (Fuck Soulja Boy)

Do any of ya'll remember the birth of Hip-Hop? I sure don't because my parents hadn't meet but I know Hip-Hop was born out of celebration in order to surpass oppression by the supremecy. We can all agree that in a celebration there is music and that music must be party music. Because i certainly do not want to dance to Jay Electronica and do the perculator. But anyway, the point is what's the difference with songs like Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" to songs like Lil' Waynes "Lollipop"? There is none. That's just party music. Because certainly know that Humpty Dumpty isn't on some revolutionary lets get free lyrics, just like "Lollipop."

Party music is only a appropiate for parties and thats when i only listen to it. Being a Dj i have to have party music in order to shake down the party but please believe that i put some real Hip-Hop to shake the party down. (ATCQ's "Find A Way") But you have to understand I know Hip-Hop and I play Hip-Hop. So let's not be mad at people like Lil' Wayne or KanYe West.

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