Saturday, July 5, 2008

Quality not......

You already know what the next word is gonna be. I'm back party people even though I wasn't really never gone. Stress took over my mind and didn't allow me to blog or have any creative or artistic ideas in order to inspire my life. I came up with a conclusion. You control your life no one else.

It's a shame how so possessive humans have become, each day we want but don't need. I'm not here to preach but please don't get it wrong, I will speak knowledge like droppings books. And on my first post i will post the first and most important line relating to life.

Life's a teacher, she's gonna test you.

Always expect the unexpected and when the unexpected comes along be sure to do the expected. As this being my first post i will inform you with a list about the topics that will be talked about here.


Now that you have understood the purpose of this stress reliver blog, i hope that you enjoy it.

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