Tuesday, September 16, 2008

J-Dilla Changed My Life.

I have forgotten the love I have for Dilla's music. The passion I shared when I heard my first Dilla track without even knowing it. I would bump some ATCQ and would ask my self: who in the hell makes this beats? Looking in the credits production to only read: The Ummah. I always would wonder.

I'm not certain nor do I remember when the essence of Jay Dee build upon me but I recall hearing Busta Rhyme's "Can't Hold the Torch" and finding out of some guy name J-Dilla produced it. I digged deep in to the Internets layers and was virtually introduced to the genius. That was when I truly fell in love with music. Not hip-hop but music overall.

Jay Dee showed me how to love music. How to not be gender racist with music. I would stay late nights and listen to the genius then would desperately find the sample and be amazed with the pure chops. Jay Dee made gold into...something much greater, more complex, more soulful. Then later I rushed to the the store and bought his whole catalog. Donuts still fucks with my head when I hear it.

To this day I sit and wonder if he was still alive...it's more than music to me. It's a passion, a way of life, it's pure love. Rest in Beats.

P.S.- I love my (ex)girl for giving me the Donuts Vinyl on our anniversary. I say, the dopest gift I've ever received.

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