Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Soul-n. deeply felt emotion, as conveyed or expressed by a performer or artist.
That's one of the many definitions of soul, which to me is the most important part an artist needs to portray. It's indescribable when an artist possesses that skill, it makes me relate to them more and i enjoy the music ten times better.
It's been a good year and I have heard alotta albums and a handful have left me impressed;
which leads me to still admiring the craft and listening to it.
This past June I missed a flawless album and I'm upset at my self for it but happy that I finally had a chance to catch up with it. This impeccable album is Dwele's "Sketches of A Man." I cannot express how much this album has me going. It's worthless to keep on bragging about it but rather important to just let you know to go buy it and listen for yourself!
Who am I kidding? People don't buy Cd's anymore. Only geeks like me.

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