Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Life Story.

I've been in desperate need of inspiration. I'm walking dark alleys and bumping into troubled walls. I need a change, isn't that why I support my president? Frustration sinks into my deepest sentiments but I still find a light to be able to write like this. Amazing.

People used to tell me that life is a gamble but I never believed it. Yet I still found myself on a table betting my troubles and my weaknesses away, trying to believe. It's all been magic, not real. Making people focus to the right while I performed my "tricks" on the left. A real good magician I have became with my life.

Certainly this makes sense only to me, and if you relate be my guess. Once again I find myself writing personal emotions and reading my soul through this thick frame glasses. What is the music to my life? A mixture of sadness, soul, empty love, and deception. At least that what I take out of Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man." soundtrack. I relate to the rhythms that speak to me more than words.

A very personal friend of mine asked me the question: "What is your favorite album of all time?" I never knew until 5 minutes ago. "Trouble Man." I've always enjoyed the music and at times connected with it but now, now I live with the music itself, once again I've fallen in love.

Rhythms speak more than words, personally I believe so.

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