Sunday, November 23, 2008


Not in a million years would I thought that I would do a post on Soulja Boy. It's funny, I was trying to find a couple of adjectives to describe him, such as illiterate and so on, but I figured he wasn't after all. He's big enough and has enough "intelligence" to get himself where he is at. Enough props for that. Now to be honest...

Honesty is a bitch, just like the truth. Honesty is a bitch and truth is a whore. Both lesbians who go side by side. Any who, after watch both of his campaign videos to go platinum in a week, it made me like him just a bit better. (Video 1 Video 2) Just because he would say stupid shit to entertain me. Some of it was realistic. "Why?, Because if you don't buy my CD I will really be a one hit wonder." That shit is hilarious, because it's true and because it will happen.

As I started to think, maybe he does have a chance to go platinum in a week. Error. Soon as I saw the release day I knew it was impossible. December 16th. Impossible I say! That's the exactly the same day that Kanye's 808 & Heartbreak Christmas Edition drops. I was planning on getting the CD this Tuesday when it drops, and I still am. But now I will be force to help the galactic spirit of good music fight terrible...not music. Which means I will both buy 808's & Heartbreak this Tuesday and on December 16th.

With that said you should also do the same to help the good 'ol boy Kanye out. I've backed him since '01 and I'm not going to stop now. A genius I say!

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