Friday, October 24, 2008

The Power Of My Boredom

Dear Santa,

Hi! How in the hell are you? I bet you're drinking coffee in your red pajamas while laying on your green bed with white Christmas covers. How was that for a thesis statement? No much, i know, good enough to pass. So, this is totally not what this letter is about, but i do have to state that the Juno Soundtrack is the shit! I'm about a year late but it's okay, at least i got to hear it. Once again let's get back into topic, if we can really. Anyway, seriously, i have this little hobby and future "job" called photography, i love it so much, like i like my mother, but there's one problem. Just one little problem you can help me out with. I need a camera! Yes! Well actually I have one but it sucks, it really does. Now can you please tell me how am i suppose to take picture with a 100 dollar digital camera. I need more like a Sony Alpha A350. Doesn't that sound better? Does it count to add that I've been trying my best in Algebra 2? I hope it does. So with all honesty, i know you don't exist, but please Santa get me a fucking camera this Christmas so my pictures will stop looking like these:

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