Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Saga Continues....

It's been a good minute since I post something but here at GEE TALK! we like to practice quality not quantity. A couple of things have been running down my mind that I feel needs to be share. So I'm gonna run down a list of them.

Sneaker Culture.

I love it so much but I'm getting tired of all these people rocking dunks and sb's for no reason. Respect the history and have passion for the art of it. I mean really since when have all these people loved sneakers so damn much. I love seeing people following the art but people rock it with your heart not looks. It looks stupid, I can spot you when your trying too hard.

Retro People.

I mean really, wtf? Have a sense of guidance. Is this the cool thing to do? Certainly I didn't get the memo and i am happy I didn't. Do you really think those obnoxious colors look good? I mean they looked good back then, exactly back then. Leave it.

Barack Obama.

I still believe in him and hope you too. And to all the racist muthafuckas, peep our new vice president. Thirty years of experience so we have that handle now. Obama has experience or at least guidance with experience. Say NO to four more years of Bush politics. Obama/Biden '08!

Flying Lotus.

People please catch up on this dude because i certainly did and I haven't felt this way about a producer since Dilla. His smoothest left me freestyling for 20 minutes and inspired me to bring the best out of me.


You've always been alive and well, I still love you and plan to bring you on the spaceship when it's time.

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