Sunday, August 10, 2008

They Are Still Alive...Spiritually.

Two great minds gone in less in a week, what a shame. People are dying like flies these days. At first I was a bit upset over Bernie Mac's death, since he brought many smiles and laughter into my life. Besides that he was a genius in the form of comedy. My respect goes to Bernie and condolences to his family.

Now, this was shocking and sad to hear but time was due for the great Isaac Hayes. That hurt my soul right there, I'm not even frontin, me being a young cat and all. But damn i would bump his joints and let my problems sooth out. This man was so funky but yet jazzy. So to pay my respect I share with you my favorite record from Black Moses. Also sampled for Jigga's "Can I Live."

"The Look of Love."

Extra! (My favorite of Bernie Mac.)

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